Sydney School of Entrepreneurship

Ultimo, Sydney
Dec 2016 - July 2017


Sydney School of Entrepreneurship (SSE) was a new business starting out and TPS was initially engaged to take their design to tender to procure a principal contractor and supervise the fit-out of the works. However, TPS realised that there were key elements that had not been considered to achieve SSE’s operational objectives. These being to use technology both IT and AV to deliver their curriculum and lectures. TPS procured specialists in both fields to work with the existing design team to integrate the IT and AV into the overall design.


Working on the Ultimo TAFE campus required utilising their infrastructure inclusive of their chillers to provide air conditioning. The challenging issue was that the chillers were located in an adjoining building and all the infrastructure had to be brought into the SSE fit-out from underground, however the amount of existing in-ground infrastructure prevented access into the building. After much consultation with TAFE Property, Facilities, Heritage and other key stakeholders a solution to bring the infrastructure across on an overhead gantry was agreed.

The other key challenge was that a new internet cable dedicated specifically to SSE had to be brought into the building from the street through the TAFE’s already congested conduit pathways. Numerous different pathways were explored to get the cable into the building with an eventual path being found after discussions with their long-time site contractors.


TPS was initially engaged to assist SSE to take their design to tender including preparing the tender documentation and contract for the principal contractor, providing contract administration and superintendent services through to the handover and closing out the project. After our engagement we undertook further design development including the procurement of additional consultants and stakeholder management.


Working with SSE and setting up their business and seeing how they operated – very entrepreneurial (pardon the pun).

Sitting at the official opening ceremony with the event being streamed across the internet live to the world with the IT and AV running seamlessly, which was a direct result of TPS procuring the right specialists and undertaking workshops with key stakeholders and industry experts to get this cutting edge technology in place.

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